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Pu sole pouring machine


Pu sole pouring machine use and maintenance:
1, the foaming machine to ensure that don't appear often use mechanical failure;
2, intermittent use of foaming machine during outage every 1 to 2 days to do 30 minutes of high and low pressure circulation;
3, long-term unused foaming machine material should be with DOP and replacement.

Even help sole molding injection molding machine


Even help sole molding injection molding machine features:
PLC control, hydraulic motor model, full hydraulic pressure drive automatic cycle;
Plasticizing capability is strong, temperature can be primary control;
When using can be selected according to the requirements of the mould for each station injection quantity;
This machine is equipped with empty mode option, rotary table adopts frequency conversion transfer;

Sole injection molding machine


Sole injection molding machine features:
1. Specially suitable for the production of various kinds of monochrome, double color sole, male, the female sole and drag, sandal, etc.
2. Raw materials is suitable for the production of hot plasticity plastic raw materials for PVC, TPR, TPU plastic foam and foaming class.

The disc sole injection molding machine


The disc sole injection molding machine features:
Equipped with secondary injection pressure, and is equipped with pressure here and clamping sequence of choice function;
Rotary transposition smooth, low noise, speed can be adjusted;
Finalize the design time is long, to ensure the quality of the sole forming.

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